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Alyssia Summers, Summers Photography

I cannot recommend Meadowlark Design Co enough for Amberly’s exceptional work on my website and custom logos. She not only met but far exceeded my expectations.
The website she created for me is nothing short of amazing. It perfectly captures the essence of what I wanted to convey, blending stunning aesthetics with flawless functionality. Every element reflects the elegance and sophistication that was envisioned. The attention to detail is impeccable.
Thank  you, Meadowlark Design Co, for bringing my vision to life in such an exceptional manner.

Brand Identity

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Brand Identity is a distinct set of characteristics that define, represent, and encompass a Brand in its entirety.

Businesses who are ready to focus in and establish a cohesive visual representation across all media.

Having a cohesive identity across your business not only helps you to be recognizable, but it helps you reach target audiences, entice interaction, and create and maintain a luxury experience for your clients.

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Meadowlark is dedicated to not only providing top tier branding services, but we also strive to equip you with the tools and resources necessary to DIY your own brand growth, and one thing we do to support that is offer Brand Surveys. This is a FREE service offered to those with minimal or struggling brand designs, and aims to help you identify problem areas, and offer real solutions to correct them!

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Meadowlark Design Co. is a luxury Brand Designer based out of Montana dedicated to bridging the gap between the creative mind and the outstanding brand. Bringing new and alluring designs to the surface of your brand.

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