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A brand is so many things, one of those is a logo, but its so much more than that!

I have been right where you are so many times. Looking for new ways to elevate my brand. I was a photographer before I became a Brand Designer, and I was so fed up with trying to find a quick fix to my branding needs. I harnesed all the creativity I had in my body and began the long journey to a complete overhaul. Now I help brands just like you make a lasting imact on their industry with memorable identities!

Hey, I'm the branding mastermind here to bridge the gap between creative minds and outstanding Brands.

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As a creative person, I know all too well the challenges we face when it comes to creating a brand voice and image.  Sometimes we get caught up in a million thoughts and ideas and have a hard time connecting all the dots in a way that speaks and makes sense to our audience.

That's where I come in. Together we explore your business voice and culture. We curate a personality that speaks to your ideal clients. From regal elegance to fun and bubbly brand personas, I vow to help you reach and engage with your audience! Are you ready for that kind of success?

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The Process

Steps to a better brand

Taking all of the creative thoughts and ides in your mind and turning them into a cohesive and captivating brand takes more than just pretty things. It requires a joint effort from you and me, working together to bridge the gap and take your business to the next level. Bridging that gap starts with a strategy, so your experience with me will start with a brainstorming call!


Design & collab

Custom guidelines

Everything starts with the questionnaire, a handful of indepth questions to get you exploring and thinking about your brand as an entity. We take that questionnaire and use it as a guide for our Brainstorming Call, a 1 hour 1-1 call where we discover your persona and start building the base of your brand identity.

The design process takes a handful of weeks depending on the project, but during that time I will send the proofs over to you for approval, and together we will adjust what needs adjusting and hone in on a logo, brand colors, a voice, and so much more.

Once everything has been approved, and your identity and voice have been established, I put together a custom Brand Guide for you that encompasses everything related to your brand so that you can begin showing up boldly and cohesively!


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Meadowlark Design Co. is a luxury Brand Designer based out of Montana dedicated to bridging the gap between the creative mind and the outstanding brand. Bringing new and alluring designs to the surface of your brand.

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